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Two young songwriters meet at an open mic night at a gritty club in Nashville, and their chemistry is undeniable. Music City reveals the risks you’ll take to bet on yourself.
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When Little Orphan Annie sets off to find her parents, she stumbles right into an adventure! Annie shines her light on everyone she meets—from her fellow orphans to gruff millionaire Oliver “Daddy” Warbucks.
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The words of two-time Academy Award winning screenwriter and novelist, Dalton Trumbo, come to life in a humorous memoir.
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When her best friend’s daughter returns to town with a special order for her wedding, Della takes on her biggest challenge yet: what does she believe? Faith and family collide in The Cake, a modern comedy that tackles a tasty subject while staying deliciously southern.
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Memphis is the birthplace of Rock and Roll. Inspired by the actual events of one of the first white DJ’s to showcase African-American music on the radio, this high-octane musical will have you jumping out of your seat!
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