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Cape Fear Regional Theatre, located in Fayetteville North Carolina, was founded in 1962. Now in its 60th year, CFRT is a 501(c)3 non-profit with a $1.7 million operating budget, and a dedicated staff of 14. Each year, CFRT presents award winning mainstage productions and a full spectrum of Education and Outreach programs including classes and camps for ages 6 to 19, adult education, and community outreach initiatives. CFRT fully owns its centrally located building that houses a 285-seat mainstage theatre, scenic and costume shops, administrative offices, and adjacent education center. Fayetteville is the sixth largest and among the most diverse cities in North Carolina. We are proud to be part of this big city with a small-town vibe, and to both reflect and highlight its magnificent diversity. CFRT exists, at its core, to produce five mainstage musicals and plays that touch people’s hearts and minds.


Protect the Team. The Board, Leadership, Artists, and Staff are on the same team and must be each other’s best supporters and strongest advocates.

Strive for Excellence. In all things, from mainstage production to education classes to outreach initiatives. We are constantly learning, listening, and adapting to better meet the needs of our community, operate more efficiently, and embrace a wider and more diverse constituency.

Safety. Excellence is unattainable without emotionally and physically safe working conditions. We maintain an open-door policy between Staff, Leadership, and the Board. We seek out training and opportunities that enable us to engage more empathetically and supportively with our colleagues, artists, and audiences.

Honesty & Integrity. We acknowledge when we have made mistakes, or when there is work to be done to make a program, relationship, or idea stronger and more beautiful. We seek to listen and act without whining, without defensiveness, without fear, knowing that honest communication and integrity-based decision making create the most fertile ground for creativity and collaboration.

Creativity. Our imaginations are among our strongest assets, and when everything from artistic work to marketing, development, and administration, to the building itself reflect creativity, joy, and play, our branding is strengthened, and our mission is fully expressed.

Stage Manager

Reports to: Artistic Director
Time Commitment: Full-timeGenerally six days a week – nights and evenings required. 

Job Responsibilities:


  • Arrangestracks, and distributes show scripts/scores
  • Arranges and distributes production contact sheets 
  • Drafts, maintains, and distributes rehearsal/performance calendars 
  • Workwith Marketing Director to schedule show publicity events (interviews, photoshoots, special performances, etc.) 
  • Assembles show props lists and preliminary notes for light/sound/video/special effects, as well as notes for costuming and scenery as needed, and communicates changes with design/technical team 
  • Collects performer conflicts and works with show director to set rehearsal schedule and agenda; also communicates with Costume Designer and Costume Shop Manager to schedule fittings as needed 
  • Pulls rehearsal props and all other rehearsal items as required (speakers, pencils, first aid, etc.) 


  • Drafts and distributes daily calls for rehearsals, including fittings, publicity events, etc
  • Arrives before each daily rehearsal to clean and set up the rehearsal space (including taping show groundplan as needed), arranging furniture, props, etc.; checks space/itemfor safety 
  • Maintains and stocks miscellaneourehearsal supplies/courtesy items  
  • Records rehearsal attendance/tardiness; contacts late parties as needed 
  • Ensures that rehearsals stay on agenda and adhere to Equity guidelines fobreaks 
  • Records all relevant show direction and design notes, including but not limited to: blocking; notes for scene shifts/prop arrangements; requestfor technical elements; cue placements; show timing; etc. 
  • Stays “on book and distributes line notes as needed 
  • Disseminates daily rehearsal reports with all relevant show notes, updates, requests, etc.; follows up on notes with appropriate staff/team members 
  • Drafts show running paperwork as necessary, including but not limited to: entrance/exit charts; preset checklists; scene shift plots; cue sheets; quick change breakdowns; etc. 
  • Arranges and schedules running crew of volunteers/interns; trainthem as needed 


  • Arrivebefore each performance to clean and set up the performance space with all scenery, props, costumes, etc.; checks space/itemfor safety and conditions
  • Oversees pre-show checks of lightingsoundvideo, riggingetc. systems, as well as sign-in (including tardiness) and preparation of cast and crew 
  • Workwith technical departments to ensure regular show upkeep as needed (e.g. laundry schedules, equipment maintenance, etc.) 
  • Communicates with cast/crewBox Office Manager, and House Manager to open house and begin performances 
  • Calls all show cues; communicates with cast and crew to manage through show hiccups as necessary 
  • Maintains director’s artistic vision for show, distributing performance notes to actors/crew as necessary 
  • Disseminates performance reports with all relevant show summaries, requestforepair/replenishment, and miscellaneous notes 

Internship Program 

  • Workwith Director of Education and Outreach to draft lessoplans in technical/backstage theatre focorps of high school interns; participates in/leads intern classes as able
  • Communicates show crew needs and schedule 


  • Purchases and maintains stock orehearsal/backstage/misc. courtesy supplies, including: tape; first aid supplies; pencils; hand sanitizer; etc.
  • Liaises between cast/crew/production team and CFRT staff fomiscellaneous needs including but not limited to: bios/headshotshousing/transportation notes; etc. 
  • Ensures adherence to Equity media guidelines as needed; coordinates archival videotaping of performances 
  • Assists in tracking/returning show rental materials  

Job Requirements 

  • Knowledge of Microsoft Office suiteGoogle Docs, or similar software proficiency
  • Familiarity with basic technical theatre equipment, technology, procedures, and troubleshooting 
  • Ability to problemsolve and communicate/mediate between a wide rangof personalities 
  • Selfmotivated individual, requiring minimal supervision 
  • Strong organizational and follow-through skills 

TO APPLY: Send your cover letter and resume to

Cape Fear Regional Theatre is an equal opportunity employer. All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, disability, or veteran status.