Our Mission & Values



We believe in the power of storytelling and the visceral impact of live theatre. We strive for the highest standards of excellence in our artistic work, educational offerings, and outreach efforts. We provide the region a place to come together to laugh harder, think deeper, share our experiences and grow as a community.


Cape Fear Regional Theatre will be nationally recognized as the leading arts organization in Southeastern North Carolina. CFRT will transform the way a new generation engages in the communal act of live theatre. Leveraging our position as a creative cornerstone, we will enhance the quality of life and the vitality of our community.


Excellence: CFRT demands excellence throughout our creative endeavors.

Engaging Programming: CFRT believes live theatre is a contact sport. The actual, physical exchange of energy between actors and audience is the single most powerful element of live theatre and we choose stories that move us and artists that speak from the heart.

Artistic Risk: CFRT is willing to be constantly challenged, reserving the right to take artistic risks, to make mistakes, and to learn from our experiences.

Imagination: CFRT is committed to innovation, to going beyond the mundane, to challenging our creative levels and those of our artists, technicians, and audiences.

Community: CFRT seeks to create and maintain a close connection between artist and audience. We are united in the shared experience of the theatre, in finding the common threads that bind us together.

Education: CFRT understands the value of theatre in lifelong learning, and accepts the responsibility to train the next generation of theatre artists and audiences. We believe great theatre should garner curiosity, create empathy for the lives of others, and inspire creative thinking for all involved.

Inclusion: CFRT embraces its role as a place where our community can come together. We think the diversity of our region should be reflected on and offstage, and the “Great Stories Told Here” should be stories that are relevant to and reflective of our entire community.

Collaboration: CFRT recognizes theatre is a collaborative art form. We are at our best when the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. Teamwork is a creative force and CFRT actively seeks partnerships with other organizations to mutually benefit our community.

Respect: CFRT lives by the principle that everyone who walks through our doors deserves to be treated with generosity of spirit and respect.

Sustainability: CFRT realizes we must uphold the trust of our donor community. We are committed to effective and appropriate management of our resources, coupled with forward thinking investment in our future.