Without CFRT, I Wouldn’t Be Where I Am Now

By Rosebud “Rosie” Harrison, playing Imogene in this year’s The Best Christmas Pageant Ever (Red Cast).

I was going to join the “thee-de-yur”…

 As a young girl, I would always perform.  I would make my family sit down and I would perform impromptu scenes for them.  When I was old enough, my mom took me to audition for The Best Christmas Pageant Ever (BCPE) at Cape Fear Regional Theatre (CFRT).  After my first show I told parents, “I want drop out of school.”  I told them that I knew “lots of words and how to add and subtract,” so I was going to join the “thee-de-yur” (my five year old self’s pronunciation of “theatre”).  I found myself at home at CFRT.

RosieH1I couldn’t get enough…

Most kids played soccer or did gymnastics, but I went to dance classes and to the theatre.  I went to a private school but the closest thing I had to theatre throughout grade school was our small student choir.  I began attending CFRT’s summer camps at in 2003 and when I was too old for the traditional camps, I became a counselor – I couldn’t get enough of them.  Throughout the years, I’ve been the Cat in Honk! Jr., the Caterpillar in Alice in Wonderland, Jr., and Belle in Beauty and the Beast, Jr.

BCPE is a Christmas tradition for me and my family.  I’ve performed in the production for 13 straight years and have gotten my mom involved, too.  I’ve played every role a girl can play – I was even a shepherd one year!  I love performing for kids my age and sharing something I love with them.

I learned not only the fundamentals of theatre, but of life…

Between BCPE and summer camps, I was fully launched into my love of theatre.

My RosieH4favorite thing about the productions would be the people involved and the work each person brought to the show.  Every person I worked with, adult or child, worked hard.  I owe my theatre training a lot for the person I am today.  I learned not only the fundamentals of theatre, but of life. I learned to respect my directors and stage managers, and I learned that if something wasn’t mine, not to touch it – especially if it’s a prop! All of my directors including Bo Thorp, Cassandra Vallery, and Karen Tisdale are like family to me.

I am forever grateful…

Without CFRT, I wouldn’t be where I am now. I have been a volunteer at CFRT for as long as I can remember and currently am a 2nd year intern at the theatre.  I am a senior in high school at Terry Sanford, and I recently applied to 18 colleges – all to concentrate in either Musical Theatre or Acting.  I think about my future and I can’t imagine it without theatre in it.  I have so many people at CFRT to thank for this and so many things I owe them. It’s a bittersweet feeling to be leaving soon for college, but I always know I can come home to my CFRT Family.  And for that, I am forever grateful.

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