Theatre Matters…Catch the Vision

On Alexandra Thomas’ role as Beth, in The Best Christmas Pageant Ever (BCPE) and her experience with the Cape Fear Regional Theatre (CFRT).

Hey, Alex – How exciting is it to be cast in BCPE during its 25th anniversary?  

So exciting!   This is my favorite time of year.  Like many kids in Fayetteville, I grew up going to see the BCPE every year with my family.  It was my first theatre experience. I loved it then, and even more now that I’m part of the cast.AlexThomas1 This show, year after year, has given me so much confidence in my acting abilities. I started in seventh grade, during the confusing teen years, when I didn’t seem to fit in anywhere.  At CFRT I developed relationships with people who enjoyed the same things as me, and who encouraged me to do my best. Over the years, and through those friendships, I learned what belonging means.

BCPE has also become a part of my family’s life.  My three sisters perform in the show now too. I love being a part of such a respected and long-standing tradition in the Fayetteville community.  BCPE is the first play many school children get to see.  For me, it was the stepping stone toward an acting career I might never have realized.  Theater makes a difference.


Have you participated in any other CFRT program?

I’m told I’ve been to performances at CFRT since I was two. I’ve been a student in Studio classes, and a second year intern, and summer camp counselor. CFRT really is my home away from home. The internship has been one of the greatest experiences of my life!  Alexthomas2No matter how tired I am or what else I have going on, I look forward to coming to the theatre to help tell amazing stories. Working behind the scenes for shows has given me a new appreciation for the theatre and the designers that put in so much work to make the productions incredible for our community. Like BCPE, the internship has helped me gain confidence.  Ask anyone who knows me!   My success and growth is largely due to being surrounded by people who believe in my abilities.

Working while in high school is a challenge, but it continues to help me grow.  I have improved time management skills, I’ve learned to prioritize, and developed a personal work ethic.  I’m a more responsible person because of my affiliation with the theatre.

It’s rewarding to be part of a successful show after all the hard work—hours spent memorizing lines and rehearsals.  This experience will definitely be a great addition to my college applications and resume.  AlexThomas3What an exciting extracurricular activity turned career opportunity this is!  What I’ve learned at CFRT will continue to affect my life for years to come.

Thanks, Alex – is there anything else you’d like to add?

One of my favorite things about working at CFRT is being a part of a company who shares stories that are meaningful and impact the community. Of all the productions I’ve been a part of, my two favorite plays have been The Bluest Eye and Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner.  They generate conversations that challenge people’s values.  It’s good for the community.  Stories like these are important for everyone so I’m also really happy we have the Education and Outreach programs at CFRT that provide opportunities for others to learn about theater.  I’m most proud of the Student Matinee Series because local school kids get to come and see amazing stories that spark thought and conversation…

AlexThomas4Theater matters.  Catch the vision…

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