Our Theatre Family

Our Theatre Family by Nanette Walsh, CFRT Volunteer and Board Member

Cape Fear Regional Theatre has been a part of my family for more than a decade.

My son, Tommy, was 10 years old when he first wanted to be a Munchkin in CFRT’s production of The Wizard of Oz.  He said he could “do the voice.”  So we came in to audition.  We showed up cold turkey…to a cold reading…and found out just how inexperienced we were in the process.  But, he got the part as one of the Lollipop Guild – the one who hands the lollipop to Dorothy!  Tommy was so thrilled! And so it began.

To assist with the show, I became the “Munchkin Handler” backstage during the production.  I soon became known as “M3” aka “Munchkin Make-Up Momma!”  I loved watching the young actors evolve and seeing wonderful friendships form between them and Tommy.   I was hooked.

 This wonderful experience led Tommy to get more involved.  He enrolled in classes to better his craft and even landed his first job as a CFRT Summer Drama Camp counselor.  His theatre education interests then led him to complete a stint at the NC School of the Arts where he learned about Stage Combat.  Tommy went on to act in high school plays and received roles in over 25 productions at CFRT.  He even once played Bo Thorp – CFRT’s founding artistic director!   Could I be a prouder mother?

 I stayed involved as well and found ways to help offstage in any way I could.  I assisted backstage during many productions and became “Production Coordinator” for over 300 cast members during productions of The Best Christmas Pageant Ever.  I now serve as a CFRT Board Member and Officer.  I believe in this organization!

CFRT truly is the gem of this community. It brings different families from across the community together to laugh, cry, and gasp at Broadway quality productions. Not only does theatre provide a great bonding experience by allowing family member to succeed onstage together, but it provides confidence and the greatest sense of accomplishment for these young actors. Through its education programs, CFRT has become family to me and my family…. a family that I hope I will never lose and one that I hope more families discover!

Please consider donating TODAY to our #25DaysOfGiving campaign to help more families like Nanette’s bond over theatre and arts education!  Your gift will help provide much needed resources for CFRT’s youth education and outreach program and allow us to reach more children in 2016.  For more information on our youth programs, click HERE.

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