Theatre Helps Kids Build Confidence

Theatre Helps Kids Build Confidence — An Interview with the Rosado Family

The following is an excerpt from an interview held this week with the Rosado family including mother, Georgia, and 10 year old twins, Nicholas and Sophia.  The Rosado family has been part of the Cape Fear Regional Theatre family since 2013 where they have taken Studio classes including acting, audition, and voice classes, participated in summer camp, performed in two productions of The Best Christmas Pageant Ever, and attend various other productions.


Rosado (3)

“We could do that!”

What has been your favorite program so far?

S: I really liked the first time I saw The Best Christmas Pageant Ever. That was two years ago. That show had a big influence on me. I went home and said, “Hey, we could do that! Mom, will you sign us up please?” and now we’ve been in it twice.
N: I really liked Annie – I got to play Rooster and do a fun accent. And I also really liked being in Shrek. I was Little Shrek, and the audience laughed a lot.


Fun, Friends, and Games

What is your favorite thing about CFRT’s camps, classes, or youth productions?

N: I really like making new friends and playing the games we get to play in rehearsals.

S: Dressing in costumes is fun, and I like getting on stage and pretending to be someone else.


“It makes you try harder and work harder.”

What has your involvement with CFRT meant to you?

S: It has been really inspiring.

N: It makes you try harder and work harder.

S: When I first saw the show I really wanted to do it so I had to try hard to audition, and then after last year I had to try hard again to try and get a bigger role.


“It helps kids build confidence.”

How do you think theatre helps you?

 N: It helped kids build confidence and helps us speak in front of others, which is important to know how to do.


Positive Role Models and Encouragement

Georgia (Mother): With each class they’ve learned new techniques. Each session they continue to mature and are given positive role models and encouragement at CFRT.  We love the theatre so much and are so thankful for the opportunities CFRT has given our family. I love so much that the entire education staff treat both of my children as their own and that they look beyond disabilities and see their potential.

Year after year, Cape Fear Regional Theatre works with hundreds of children just like Sophia and Nicholas in Studio classes, summer camp sessions, and youth productions.  Demand for these programs is increasingly rapidly!  Your gift of $25 or more can greatly help us at CFRT renovate our education space to accommodate more children programs, increase our resources, and strengthen our youth education and outreach programs.  Please DONATE TODAY to our 25 Days of Giving to help us raise $25,000 to reach more children in 2016!

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