Audition Information: 

To schedule your audition or for more information, email CFRT Company Manager Ashley Owen at

Cape Fear Regional Theatre employs both Equity (Guest Artist Tier 3) and Non Equity Performers.  All positions are paid, the Non Equity pay ranges depending on the role.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: What if I can’t make it to the audition?

A: If you absolutely cannot make it to the audition, video submissions will be accepted. E-Mail Ashley at for more information.

Q: Can I send you my headshot/resume?

A: Yes please! E-Mail it to Ashley at with Audition Submission in the subject line – or mail it to the theatre: Cape Fear Regional Theatre. 1209 Hay Street. Fayetteville, NC 28305.

Q: What if I do not have a headshot/resume?

A: We will be taking a photo of you with your audition number at the auditions, but we’d always appreciate a good quality & recent shot of you in lieu of a professional headshot. If you do not have a resume, there will be a space on our audition form for you to fill out any theatre experience you may have.

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Music City Auditions

 Auditions: Friday, July 13, 2018, 5:00 PM- 10:00 PM (by appointment only)

Callbacks: Saturday, July 14, 2018, 11:00AM-5:00PM

 Where: Glass Block Room, Cape Fear Regional Theatre

1209 Hay Street, Fayetteville, NC

 About the show: Music City is a World Premiere modern country musical featuring five country Billboard #1 hits. Set in Nashville in the late 90s, Music City is a coming of age love story about two young songwriters who meet at an open mic night at a gritty club in 1990s Nashville. Their music draws attention from an industry exec and a country superstar but things spin out of control when they try to break ties with a local meth dealer. ‘Once’ meets ‘Cabaret’ in this dynamic new southern musical with songs by country hit writer JT Harding. His hits “Somewhere With You,” “Smile,” “Somewhere in My Car,” “Sangria,” and Grammy nominated “Different for Girls” are included in the show. Music City reveals the risks you take to bet on yourself.

Directed by: Mary Catherine Burke
Music Direction by: Andrew Wheeler

Important dates:

Rehearsals in NC begin: August 28, 2018

Previews: Wednesday, September 19- Friday, September 21, 2018

Opening: Saturday, September 22, 2018

Closing: Sunday, October 7, 2018


Pay ranges: $150-200/week depending on the size of the role.

Rehearsals are from 2-10pm Tues-Friday and weekends.  We rehearse up to 42 hours per week.  Your schedule and hours called will vary pending the size of the role.

To Request and appointment, please email:, with your headshot, resume, audition form, and role you would like to be seen for.

What to prepare: Please prepare the side provided for the role you are auditioning for. Sides are found with the character breakdown below. Also provide a 32 measure cut of a pop country song (an accompanist will be provided; bring your own sheet music). Please bring your instrument to the audition if you can play.

Roles and sides:

This musical has a contemporary pop/country score in the style of artists such as Kenney Chesney, Keith Urban and Carrie Underwood.

*For all sides listed below, Side #1 is for the initial audition. Sides #2-3 are for callbacks.

STUCKY, 40-50’s.  Male.  Southern accent.  Stucky is an aging country star whose career is starting to wane, but he is ambitious and would do anything to climb back to the top of the charts.  Charming.  Sexy.  And occasionally cunning and cut throat.  A stadium country star.  Would be helpful if you played guitar but not required. Please prepare both: Smile-AUDITION CUT – Score / STUCKY Side and Callback

WYN/ENSEMBLE 40-50’s, Female. Tennessee Southern accent. WYN is the owner of the bar- THE WICKED TICKLE.  Her establishment has seen better days.  She is struggling to keep the lights on but her sunny disposition would never reveal that.  A Dolly Parton sense of optimism.  Would be helpful is she also played an instrument.  Looking for strong country rock/pop vocals. ONLY SEEKING NON-UNION ACTORS. WYN Side

POLICE OFFICER/ENSEMBLE, Male, Early to Mid 20s, any ethnicity, interested in actors of color. Tennessee Southern accent. THE POLICE OFFICER is trying very hard to clean up the Pike, but isn’t getting a lot of help from the local community.  Tough but benevolent. INTERESTED IN ACTORS WHO CAN PLAY GUITAR/AN INSTRUMENT, but it isn’t a requirement. ONLY SEEKING NON-UNION ACTORS. OFFICER MALE ENS Side

23 (Female Lead), Early 20s. Tennessee Southern accent. 23 is street smart, tough, and edgy, with a hidden vulnerability which is mostly revealed through her music. Struggling musician in Nashville. Her survivor nature comes from caring for her meth-addicted mom, TAMMY. Role requires a pop belt that can sound country. MUST PLAY PIANO OR GUITAR. OPEN TO BOTH NON-UNION & EQUITY ACTORS. Please prepare both: Different for Girls-AUDITION CUT – Score / 23 Side and Callback

TJ, (Male Lead), Early 20s, Male. Tennessee Southern accent. Handsome lead singer of a band with his brother DREW, TJ is a struggling musician in Nashville from the wrong side of the tracks. He is driven and charming, with a nurturing nature. He protects those he loves at his own expense. A country Justin Timberlake type, has the ability to command a crowd. Strong country pop/rock belt. MUST PLAY GUITAR PROFICIENTLY. OPEN TO BOTH NON-UNION & EQUITY ACTORS. Please prepare both: Somewhere with You-AUDITION CUT – Score / TJ Side and Callback

TAMMY, 40s, Female. Tennessee Southern accent. Damaged. A meth addict who can still make you empathize with her. Deftly manipulative, TAMMY has never gotten over her failure to make it as a musician, and in her bitterness turns to drugs. 23’s  mother, she has trouble reconciling with her daughter’s musical success. TAMMY Side and Callback

BAKERMAN, Late 20s, Male, Any Ethnicity. Tennessee Southern accent. Local drug dealer. Think a young Kid Rock meets Eminem,  BAKERMAN is dangerous with a sense of humor. ONLY SEEKING NON-UNION ACTORS. BAKERMAN Side and Callback

LEEANNE/ENSEMBLE 30s, Female. Tennessee Southern accent. Interested in actors of color. LEEANNE is an executive at Music City Records who represents famous country star STUCKEY. She takes an interest in TJ and 23’s music. She’s tough, level headed and a shrewd business woman who has made a name for herself in a male dominated world. Looking for strong country rock/pop vocals. ONLY SEEKING NON-UNION ACTORS. LEEANNE Side

NEWT/ENSEMBLE, Male, Early to Mid 20s, any ethnicity, interested in actors of color. Tennessee Southern accent. NEWT went to school with TJ & DREW and is now a member of the national guard. Funny, he’s a boy in a man’s body. INTERESTED IN ACTORS WHO CAN PLAY GUITAR, but it isn’t a requirement. ONLY SEEKING NON-UNION ACTORS. NEWT Side and Callback

FEMALE ENSEMBLE, Early 20-30’s.  Southern.  Interested in actors of any ethnicity.  Female ensemble should be strong harmonizers and strong dancers.  Additionally helpful if you can also play an instrument. WYN Side

Peter & The Starcatcher Auditions

Auditions: Saturday, August 18, 2018 11:00-6:00 (by appointment only)

Callbacks: Sunday, August 19, 2018 11:00-3:00 (by invitation only) 

Where: Glass Block Room, Cape Fear Regional Theatre

1209 Hay Street, Fayetteville, NC

About the show: Did you ever wonder why Peter Pan never wanted to grow up? Or how he became enemies with the infamous Captain Hook? Orphaned and alone, a boy joins forces with a willful captain’s daughter to outsmart pirates. Together they must save a mysterious trunk. Join a zany cast that leads you on a mad cap adventure from the high seas to exotic jungles in a creative romp full of laughter and bravery. Come see this hilarious origin story based on some of literature’s most beloved characters.

Directed by: Michelle Tattenbaum
Choreographed by: Jill Matarelli Carlson

Important dates:

Rehearsals begin: October 2, 2018

Previews: October 25-26, 2018

Opening: October 27, 2018

Student Matinees (10am performances during the weekday): October 30, November 1, 7, 8

Closing: November 11, 2018


Pay ranges: $150-200 depending on the size of the role.

Rehearsals are from 2-10pm Tues-Friday and weekends.  We rehearse up to 42 hours per week.  Your schedule and hours called will vary pending the size of the role.

To Request an appointment, please email:, with your headshot, resume, audition form, and role you would like to be seen for.

What to prepare: One comic, up-tempo musical theater song and the side provided with the character breakdown below. Also prepare a ballad in case the casting team needs to hear more music. Please note that you may be asked to read for different roles once you are in the audition room.

Roles and sides:

Male (30-50) Black Stache (A notorious pirate, terrorizing the seven seas in search of a worthy adversary. Heartless, hirsute, and suspiciously well read. Partial to the poetical and theatrical, which causes him to behave quite flamboyantly.) and othersStache-sides1 Stache-sides2

Female (13-25) Molly Aster (A young girl and Starcatcher apprentice who is taken aboard the Neverland as precious cargo. Curious and intelligent, she is only beginning to understand the confusing romantic longings that come with her age. She will risk anything for the sake of what is right.) and othersMolly-sides1 Molly-sides2

Male (13-25) Boy/Peter (A lonely and hardened orphan who doesn’t miss much. Nameless, homeless, and friendless at the beginning of the play and a hero by the end. He wants a home and a family more than anything, and dreams of a life of being free.) and othersPeter-sides1 Peter-sides2

Male (40-60) Grempkin (The schoolmaster of St. Norbert’s Orphanage for Lost Boys. Mean and malodorous, he revels in keeping his boys in the dark and malnourished.), Fighting Prawn (King of the Mollusks, kidnapped by British sailors and brought in chains to England. Since returning to his island kingdom, he vengefully murders any English with the temerity to land on his Mollusk Isle domain), Mack (a very bad sailor who wants to be anywhere but under the thumb of Bill Slank, and cannot remember the difference between port and starboard), Sanchez (a hard-working Spanish pirate), and othersFightingPrawn-sides

Female (40-60) Mrs. Bumbrake (Molly’s nanny, a stereotypical British cad and outfitted with the duty of teaching Molly about womanhood. She still has enough charm in her age to attract a sailor or two.), Teacher (formerly a salmon; now an ancient, knowledgeable mermaid), and othersMrsBumbrake-sides Teacher-sides

Male (30-50) Bill Slank (The vicious orphaned captain of the Neverland. Does not possess the capacity to lead anyone but himself, which puts himself constantly in disaster. Greedy enough to send boys to their doom for the chance of gaining Starstuff.), Hawking Clam (son of Fighting Prawn.  One day he will ascend the Clam throne as head of the Royal Clam Clan, and othersSlank-sides

Male (25-55) Smee (Black Stache’s first mate. He is single-mindedly dedicated to his captain’s every whim. Impersonates a lieutenant named Greggors temporarily), and othersSmee-sides

Male (13-25) Prentiss (An orphan, ambitious, hyper articulate, and logical. He yearns to be leader, even when he knows in his heart that he’ll never be one. A bit of a blowhard with a touch of cowardice.), and othersPrentiss-sides

Male (45-65) Alf (A seafarer, an old sea dog proud of his tenure. His kind heart gives him an appeal to the feminine sensibility.), and othersAlf-sides

Male (30-50) Lord Leonard Aster (Molly’s father, a loyal subject to the Queen. The very model of a Victorian English gentleman, he is a faithful friend and a secret Starcatcher.), and othersAster-sides1 Aster-sides2

Male (30-40) Captain Robert Falcon Scott (Lord Aster’s old school friend, the captain of the Wasp, Britain’s fastest frigate. Lives with nautical bravura and heroic patriotism.), and othersScott-sides

Male (13-25) Ted (An orphan obsessed with food. A natural performer with easy wit and quite poetic language.), and othersTed-sides